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Welcome to our 1ABC Confederate Store. You're in for a treat! Inside you'll find the most unique collection of all things Confederate, including Rebel and Redneck items, a complete source for Confederate and Rebel Flags, Rebel, Redneck & Southern T-shirts and a unique line of Confederate Clothing including Rebel Flag Bikinis... Our vast T-Shirt line has a great supply of Rebel T-shirts along with Confederate and Redneck T-Shirts you've probably never seen before!

More than just a T-shirt store, we also have Historic Replica Guns and Swords, Rebel Car Tags, Confederate Belt Buckles, Rebel Ties, Redneck Bumper stickers, decals and much, much more! Vist our menu to the left for a complete view of all our Confederate, Rebel and Southern items.....

1ABC CONFEDERATE STORE started in October 1999. We have supplied many thousands of customers. We offer high quality goods, quickly, and at very reasonable prices. All shipping costs just $5.95 per order - we pay the rest! We hope that you like our store, and please feel safe & secure as you place your orders with us. Here are the several ways to order:
Push the Order Button next to each Product.
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PO BOX 24509 St.Simons Island,Ga. 31522

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